How do we work with our clients?


Qualifying the need

+ Initial contact to qualify the need

Our teams are available at any time to respond to any new requests regarding projects to be qualified.

+ Definition of scope

Your project is defined in every detail (type of file for translation, standards used, document volume, number of partners to be introduced, etc.)

+ Technical expertise

Our teams play an advisory role in developing your project. Their technical expertise will help you identify your needs in detail.


Implementation of solutions

+ Project monitoring and management

Once the project is validated from the technical and commercial standpoints, it will be taken in hand by a technical expert. You will deal with one contact person at TX2, and one person only, who will be a specialist in your particular field. He or she will be responsible for bringing the project to fruition according to a jointly predetermined schedule.


User support and assistance

+ Support and maintenance

TX2 Concept services can be reached by e-mail and/or telephone, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

+ Reactivity commitment

We have an in-depth knowledge of your business and, in particular, of the reactivity it requires. We will do everything in our power to resolve any emergency incidents as soon as they are reported to us, by taking over the solution remotely.

+ Customized assistance extension

We also offer the option of a customized extension to our standard assistance service. This is designed to help you respond effectively to any technical problems that might arise. Optimizing system availability guarantees you optimal quality of service and significantly reduces the risks of unexpected failure and downtime.

Our EDI solutions

An EDI solution for exchanging all your e-transactions with your various partners (orders, despatch advices, invoices, etc.), directly integrated into your ERP or CAPM.

  • Available via SaaS or On Site
  • Technical adaptation to any ERP/CPAM system
  • Multi-sector translation: GENCOD, EANCOM, EDIFACT, GALIA, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X12, INOVERT, etc.
  • Multi-network and protocol translation: ALLEGRO, ATLAS X400, GXS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, OFTP, OFTP2, ENX, AS2, etc.
  • Billing by number of partners irrespective of volume of messages exchanged.


Solution accessible via a web portal for the exchange of business flows with your various partners without requiring integration into an ERP/CAPM.

  • Possibility of tax-compliant e-invoicing
  • Label management
  • Solution designed for companies with no ERP or seeking a rapid increase in their EDI capacity.
  • Billing by volume of messages exchanged


Solution for dematerializing product data sheets, to meet the requirements of mass-market retail chains.

  • Managing invoice issue/receipt and payments
  • Invoice backup and archiving for the legal retention periods
  • Access to the admin interface to monitor flows and view invoices in PDF format
  • Billing by volume of invoices sent/received

Solution for dematerializing product data sheets, to meet the requirements of mass-market retail chains.

  • Speed of implementation
  • Billing by number of articles
  • Interface with all chains connected to GDSN
  • Possibility of exporting data in Excel expected for all chains not connected to GDSN

Other services

Set of applications for implementing synchronous flow communications with all the auto manufacturers.

TX2 OFTP is a client/server EDI file transfer protocol specific to the automotive industry, providing a simple and secure means of exchanging data via OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) in versions 2.0, 1.4, 1.3 and earlier.

An EDI solution for technical data, enabling design engineers and technicians to exchange files (CAD plans, designs) with their partners.

Real time exchanges based on the latest technologies (XML, http, WSDL, etc.).


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