Since the end of 2018, TX2 CONCEPT has become a certified PEPPOL Access Point supplier.

As a result, all users of our TX2 e-invoicing platform have direct access to all companies connected to the PEPPOL network.

PEPPOL provides a set of technical specifications that can be implemented in existing e-procurement solutions and e-commerce services to make them interoperable between disparate systems in Europe.

PEPPOL enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents via the PEPPOL network. These documents include electronic orders, advance shipping notes online, electronic invoices, electronic catalogs, message level responses, etc.

The PEPPOL access points, and in particular the TX2 CONCEPT access point, connect users to the PEPPOL network and exchange electronic documents based on the PEPPOL specifications. Buyers and suppliers can therefore choose TX2 CONCEPT as a single point of access provider to connect to all PEPPOL participants already on the network.


TX2, PEPPOL and electronic invoicing:

The standard adopted for electronic invoicing via PEPOL is the UBL XML Invoice 2.1. The use of this standard through the TX2 platform allows the transfer of electronic invoices as complete XML data files, or as mixed files incorporating attachments, such as the original invoice or supporting documents.


TX2 PEPPOL access point concept:

Billing flows are already passing through the PEPPOL TX2 access point on behalf of major operators in the context of cross-border billing.


TX2 CONCEPT, member of the OpenPeppol association:

TX2 CONCEPT is a member of the OpenPeppol Association, an international non-profit association that includes members of the public and private sectors. The association has assumed full responsibility for the development and maintenance of PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services, as well as their implementation across Europe.

OpenPEPPOL aims to enable European companies to easily deal electronically with any buyer of the European public sector as part of their procurement processes, which increases the possibilities of increasing competition for public procurement and optimize taxpayers' money.

The involvement of TX2 CONCEPT with PEPPOL is an additional guarantee for our customers to turn to a forward-looking operator.

TX2 CONCEPT and PEPPOL: Connect once, connect to all.