Jean-Louis Amiotte Customer Story


“Jean Louis Amiotte has been equipped with an EDI and dematerialization station for nearly ten years. EDI now plays a key role in our order preparation flows. The IFCSUM sent to all our transporters allows us to ensure our logistics in optimum conditions. It is also an essential tool for our commercial development. We receive nearly 80% of orders via EDI and dematerialization accounts for nearly fifty percent of our invoices.

The expertise, support and involvement of TX2 consultants, in addition to the skills and rigor of the Amiotte teams, have enabled us to carry out large-scale projects.

On a daily basis, customer support assistance allows us to respond to all issues within very short deadlines.

This responsiveness allows us to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

More than a customer-supplier relationship, a real partnership is created with Claire and her teams. "


TX2 CONCEPT Solutions