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Web EDI: Everything you need to know about this EDI solution adapted to SMEs and VSEs

Web EDI is probably the easiest and most economical EDI solution to set up. But beware, this technology is not suitable for all businesses. In this article, we’ll explain why Web EDI is particularly suitable for small and medium businesses as well as very small businesses.

To get started, let’s take a look at what Web EDI is and what it’s used for.

What is Web EDI?

Web EDI is a solution that allows you to exchange business documents with your customers and suppliers in the form of EDI messages. This communication with your partners is made possible thanks to a simple Internet connection and a PC. You are thus able to meet the requirements of your major contractors quickly and efficiently.

This system allows you to send, receive and process your electronic documents in EDI format through a simple Web portal. We will see just after how it works technically and what are the stages of this process.

You can create and edit your documents very easily. You can also view and print them in clear, in a readable format. No IT skills are required on your end. It’s the web platform that takes care of translating your documents into the EDI format expected by your partners and transmitting them.

Choosing your Web EDI

It’s common for major contractors in the Retail or Automotive Industry to encourage their suppliers to switch to EDI. To help them, they offer them a Web EDI solution directly integrated into their own EDI system. This is called a “hub and spoke” architecture.

In this case, your major contractor has an EDI solution in SaaS mode or under license and a web platform on which you can connect to, to exchange your documents. Your partner’s system translates the EDI documents into the expected format.

This solution is relevant if you only exchange your documents in EDI with a single partner. On the other hand, if you are switching to EDI with several trading partners, it’s more relevant to opt for a unique Web EDI that will centralize all of your EDI flows.

How Web EDI works

The operation of Web EDI is not complicated. All you need to do is log into the web portal using your login details. On this interface, you will find forms allowing you to interact with your customers and suppliers.

For example, your trading partners send you their orders as EDI messages (ORDERS). On your side, you receive them on your web interface in clear, that is to say, in a classic readable format. You can export your orders to your management software if you have one.

You can then issue your shipping advice by completing the fields on the form. This form can be pre-filled either from an order received on the EDI web portal, or from data imported from your internal software. This document is then sent by EDI (DESADV) to your partner.

You can also send your electronic invoices by this means (INVOIC).

Each time a document is sent, the EDI Web portal is responsible for verifying your data and translating them into the format expected by your partner. They will receive your document directly in their EDI system. On your side, you have the documents in a format readable on the Internet interface.

Why is Web EDI the preferred solution for SMEs and VSEs?

Web EDI is not an integrated EDI solution, that is to say, it is not connected with your internal ERP-type software. This is the main limitation of this type of solution.

Therefore, it’s a solution that is suitable for companies that exchange only a small volume of EDI documents, mainly SMEs and VSEs. For these companies, investing in a more complete traditional EDI system would not be profitable. It is therefore the most suitable solution to meet the requirements of their major contractors without incurring heavy investment.

What are the advantages of Web EDI?

The Web EDI will have different advantages if you are a major contractor or if you are an SME or VSE.

The advantages for SMEs and VSEs

As a small to medium-sized business, Web EDI has the advantage of being the most economical EDI solution. Installation and operating costs are greatly reduced compared to a traditional EDI solution.

In addition, no computer skills are required. Getting started is quick and easy.

The web portal is accessible from anywhere, 24/7.

Exchanges with your partners are facilitated and accelerated. You benefit from saving time, making your exchanges more reliable and reducing the risk of errors and therefore of litigation.

You gain transparency and traceability because you can follow the status of orders, invoices, etc. on the EDI web portal.

In addition, you ensure that you are always in compliance with applicable regulations.

The advantages for major contractors

As a major contractor, offering a Web EDI solution to your business partners allows you to generalize EDI exchanges. The centralization of all your exchanges is a great advantage for the efficiency of your processes.

You avoid time-consuming manual processing as much as possible, which speeds up your processes. In addition, it is a low cost investment and it has no impact on your EDI environment.

Web EDI for SMEs and VSEs with TX2 CONCEPT

Web EDI with TX2 CONCEPT is a unique web interface that allows you to exchange your electronic documents with all your business partners. You respond to the requests of your major contractors while controlling your budget.

We have an offer tailored to players in the Retail and Automotive Industry. In addition, our Web EDI solution is compatible with the fiscal dematerialization of invoices. As a reminder, this will gradually become compulsory from 2024 for all companies. At TX2 CONCEPT, we support you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

To find out more about our Web EDI, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise and support you in your project:

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