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Digitize your business processes.

EDI and dematerialization solutions to facilitate the automation and security of your data exchanges.

For every need, a solution

Dematerialize your business flows & processes

Our solutions.

TX2 CONCEPT offers complete EDI and dematerialization solutions, for safer and faster management of your exchanges.


EDI solutions

+ 2000 clients
in + 40 countries
trust us

For more than 30 years, our solutions have met the EDI needs of our clients. In 2023, 90% of them said they were satisfied with our collaboration and they are our greatest pride.

Partner Dematerialization Platform - PDP:
TX2 CONCEPT supports you in your compliance.

At TX2 CONCEPT, we have been EDI experts since 1991 and specialists in invoice dematerialization since 1998. Our expertise on the subject and our desire to meet the regulatory compliance needs of our clients have naturally led us to position ourselves as a PDP.

Meet your business needs

Our sector expertise.

Our EDI and dematerialization solutions allow you to meet the specific needs of your business sector.

Retail & Large retailers

The implementation of EDI flows is a prerequisite to work with large retailers. EDI makes it possible to develop activity between distributors and suppliers.

Industry & Automotive

The implementation of EDI flows is a prerequisite for your referencing as a supplier to automotive parts manufacturers and car manufacturers. EDI allows you to develop your activity with your purchasers.

Transport & Logistics

The implementation of EDI flows is a prerequisite for supporting your clients in the transport and logistics sectors.


The implementation of EDI flows is a prerequisite for your referencing as a supplier to optical stores or distributors. EDI allows you to develop your business with opticians.

Other sectors

Whatever your profession, you can benefit from the advantages linked to the use of EDI. For example, the EDIFACT dictionary offers no less than 197 types of messages, covering all areas: health, accounting, banking, etc.

Human, at the heart of TX2 CONCEPT

Our teams
& values.

TX2 CONCEPT is a company on a human scale. Among all of its employees, we can distinguish different departments which will jointly respond to all your requests:

TX2 CONCEPT is a caring family business. We pay particular attention to our employees and their well-being. Our 4 key values are ambition, well-being at work, commitment and team spirit.