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TX2 CONCEPT x DocuWare partnership: A complete offer for the transition to mandatory electronic invoicing in France



Olivet, on 02/20/2023 – TX2 CONCEPT x DocuWare partnership: A complete offer for the transition to mandatory electronic invoicing in France


TX2 CONCEPT, editor and integrator of EDI solutions, and DocuWare, editor of document management software and Workflow solutions, announce their partnership to meet the 2026 French obligations on electronic invoicing. As a future Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP), TX2 CONCEPT extends its area of expertise thanks to DocuWare, which is positioning itself as a future Dematerialization Operator (OD).


In collaboration with its network of more than 800 partners, DocuWare has helped around 15,000 clients in more than 100 countries simplify their work by digitizing, automating and transforming key processes.

For more than 30 years, DocuWare has provided stable, secure and functional document management solutions to its clients. This automation allows them to reduce their dependence on paper while ensuring continuous and secure access to their data.


This expertise in document management and workflow automation convinced us to trust them to offer a complete e-invoicing solution. EDI provider, specialist in the dematerialization of professional data, TX2 CONCEPT supports companies in the automation and security of their exchanges. EDI expert for more than 30 years, our solutions are used daily by more than 2,000 companies present in more than 40 countries.


This partnership gives DocuWare clients access to a PDP electronic invoicing solution that complies with future regulations. It also allows TX2 CONCEPT to rely on DocuWare’s expertise in order to jointly respond to calls for tenders on issues that are currently outside our scope.


We are convinced that this collaboration will facilitate the transition to the globalization of electronic invoicing for companies of all sizes. Our goal is to offer a solution that meets both the challenges of the reform and the business challenges of our clients.


TX2 CONCEPT and DocuWare partnershio : planned architecture


For Olivier Rajzman, Commercial Director of DocuWare: “In view of the tax reform, the implementation of which is getting closer, we wanted to anticipate and associate ourselves now with a major player in EDI and future PDP to support our Key Account clients. A family business, whose expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience, TX2 CONCEPT also has multiple certifications (GS1 France, Galia, EDI-Optique, etc.) among the most demanding in the sector. A guarantee of safety and quality that we wanted our (future) clients to benefit from”.


Antoine Hottin, Director of Operations at TX2 CONCEPT, explains: “After a first successful collaboration with client Jacky Perrenot, the French transport leader, we are delighted with the development of our partnership with DocuWare. First, we will work to develop the connector to the DocuWare platform and then address companies wishing to be accompanied by experts in EDI and dematerialization. After this initial development work, we will work on training DocuWare partners on this new offer. The objective is to bring our respective ecosystems to this common solution for more impact on the market, which is in high demand for dematerialization solutions to meet the challenges of the reform. “.


TX2 CONCEPT and DocuWare will both be present at the Electronic Invoice Day organized by the FNFE-MPE on March 14 at the Palais Brongniard in Paris. You can get your tickets today to come and meet us. We look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with attendees.



Since 1991, TX2 CONCEPT has been developing and marketing EDI solutions for SMEs and large international groups, thus enabling the automation and securing of computerized data exchanges.

We collaborate with more than 2,000 companies in more than 40 countries, in particular with actors in 4 targeted sectors: the automotive industry, retail, logistics & transport, and optics.

Within a large R&D department, our engineers rely on the latest technologies to continuously develop TX2 CONCEPT offers.

We offer integrated EDI offers in SaaS and in license. We have also set up a Web EDI platform dedicated to companies in the automotive and retail sectors. As part of the new obligations on electronic invoicing, TX2 CONCEPT is positioned as a PDP. Our TX2 Cloud E-Invoicing solution ensures that you comply with this reform.

From the qualification of the need to the follow-up of the project by the technical support, through its implementation by a team specialized in your sector, our teams support you at all stages of your project.

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