The transition to mandatory electronic invoicing is an opportunity for companies. The dematerialization of invoices makes it possible to secure and automate processes that are often time-consuming and with low added value.

In addition, choosing to dematerialize your invoices today allows you to optimize your costs quickly. On average, receiving an invoice cost €10 less in electronic format than in paper format. In issuing, the saving is €6.45.

What is an electronic invoice?

To be considered electronic, an invoice must be created, issued and received in electronic format. This means that it does not exist in paper format. A simple PDF or scanned paper are therefore not electronic invoices.

The tax compliance of an electronic invoice

Today, in France, for a dematerialized invoice to be legally compliant, its issuer must guarantee three principles:

  • The authenticity of the origin in order to guarantee the identity of the issuer;
  • The integrity of the content to guarantee the non-alteration of the data;
  • The readability of the invoice.

Methods of exchanging dematerialized invoices

There are currently three methods of exchanging electronic invoices: audit trail, electronic signature and full EDI. Depending on your situation and your internal capacities, our experts will advise you on the solution best suited to your needs.

By dematerializing your invoices in EDI, you will have only few changes to make when switching to the obligation of e-invoicing.

If necessary, following an internal or external check, a module allows you to return a batch of invoices according to different criteria such as the date or the invoice number.

New obligation on electronic invoicing: How to respond to it?

From September 1, 2026, in France, all companies will be required to accept the receipt of electronic invoices. This is only the first step provided for by the 2020 and 2024 finance laws aimed to generalizing e-invoicing to all companies.

On this same date, large companies and ETIs will be required to issue their invoices in electronic format. On September 1, 2027 it will be the turn of SMEs, VSEs and Micro-enterprises. An e-reporting obligation will follow that of e-invoicing.

This new reform is based on the establishment of a National Public Platform on which all B2B invoice data will have to pass. In operation, this is similar to the operation of the Chorus Pro platform with a Y architecture.

In order to comply with this new regulation, we advise you to anticipate your procedures. At TX2 CONCEPT, we are here to support you in your project and offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

We are committed to taking the necessary steps to be registered as a Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP).

Do not hesitate to book a telephone meeting with one of our experts who will be able to guide you on the procedure to follow according to your situation.

Why choose TX2 E-INVOICING?

TX2-INVOICING makes it possible to dematerialize all your invoices, whatever the format, while avoiding costly processing and archiving.

Electronic invoices are either:

  • In the form of structured files, in EDI format, accompanied by a summary list automatically generated during the dematerialization process
  • In the form of PDF files electronically signed using a certificate issued by Chambersign.

Our solution for the dematerialization of invoices is available in hosting or in license. In SaaS mode, you benefit from all the features of our solution without worrying about its operation, monitoring and technical relations with your partners.

TX2 CONCEPT is a signatory of the interoperability charter for electronic invoicing solutions. TX2 E-INVOICING is also certified by GS1 France.

Qualification facture électronique 2020 GS1 France
Dematerialization of customer invoices

You would like to switch to electronic invoicing for your outgoing/customer invoices?

Our solution allows you to dematerialize your invoices from an EDI or PDF file and send them to your customers via different channels.

You can also dematerialize all your invoicing flows by opting for electronic supplier invoices.

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Dematerialization of supplier invoices

You would like to dematerialize your incoming / supplier invoices?

TX2 E-INVOICING allows you to do this. Invoices sent by your suppliers in EDI and/or PDF formats are translated and integrated directly into your ERP.

You can also switch to electronic invoicing for all of your invoice flows by choosing to dematerialize your customer invoices.

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Dematerialization of invoices to Chorus Pro

Since January 1, 2020, in France, electronic invoicing has become mandatory for all companies invoicing the State, local authorities and their public establishments. This was made possible by the implementation of the Chorus Pro portal which allows the exchange and monitoring of invoices.

At TX2 CONCEPT, we have a solution that allows you to interface with the Chorus Pro platform. Your invoices in EDI and/or PDF formats are thus sent to their recipients in compliance with the regulations.

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It is on this model that the new electronic invoicing obligation is based, which will be gradually implemented from 2024. You can now prepare yourself to be in compliance with these obligations when the time comes.

Operation of the TX2 E-INVOICING solution

Discover the specificities of our TX2 E-INVOICING electronic invoice solution:

Features and services

Managing invoices issued/received and payments

Backup and archiving of invoices for the legal retention periods

Access to the admin interface to monitor flows and view invoices in PDF format

Operation diagram

Discover how our e-invoicing solution works

Our electronic invoicing platform is compatible with all types of formats such as:

  • EDI: EDIFACT, X12, TRADACOM standards, etc.
  • Factur-X
  • PDF
  • XML …

Archiving of invoices

In accordance with the legal archiving period in force, we archive your invoices for 10 years. These are saved and archived in our electronic safes.

Advantages of electronic invoicing

✔ Anticipate mandatory B2B e-invoicing in France
✔ Eliminate paper
✔ Optimize your administrative costs
✔ Improve quality of information
✔ Enhance your management process
✔ Pay-as-you-go invoicing
✔ Control your budget and boost ROI
✔ Support provided by EDI and Business experts