At TX2 CONCEPT, as experts in the interchange and dematerialization of business data, we position ourselves through our solutions as a partner in your strategic activities, while operating within a broad ecosystem involving multiple commercial, technical and institutional stakeholders.

As publisher and integrator of our/your EDI solutions, our primary concern is to remain vigilant at all times to deliver the solutions best suited to your operational needs.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – is a field entirely driven by standardization, and often subject to certification.

This requires us to keep abreast of all the new norms and standards being introduced, and of the forthcoming changes and certifications likely to impact our solutions and affect practices in our markets and your needs as users.

As members of the institutional groups and associations in our sectors of interest, and working closely with them, we play an active part in the work they do, and we are proactive in obtaining or renewing the certifications and qualifications our solutions are subject to.

The main purpose of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is to automate all commercial, logistics and billing exchanges and flows with your business partners (suppliers, logistics and transport partners, end customers and contractors).

Our solutions can also be integrated into your core internal processes via your information systems and business software.

And we are under obligation to ensure the success of the projects you place in our hands.

In order to guarantee the seamless integration of our turnkey solutions into the many and varied business applications available to our clients, we have made it our first concern over the years to build up our knowledge of all the CAPM and ERP systems on the market.

Thanks to the many EDI projects we have deployed since the company came into being, we are constantly developing and rolling out new compatibility and integration features for your CAPM and ERP systems.

Over the years, we have forged special relations with some of the leading players on the market, software solution publishers and integrators, enabling us to manage your projects within meticulously controlled and optimized collaborative technical and budget frameworks.

Always at your side to help you develop your business, TX2 CONCEPT takes it stand firmly at the heart of its environment to deliver forward-looking solutions.