Poclain Hydraulics Customer Story


“Since 2016, TX2 Concept has supported Poclain in setting up EDI flows with its entire supplier panel and its main ordering customers.

Whether through their “full EDI” (point to point) or WebEDI solution, TX2 Concept brings its expertise, the quality and the high level of availability of its services to Poclain.


Several hundred messages, incoming or outgoing, pass securely between the 2 information systems on a daily basis.

These concern both upstream (Forecast and Delivery Calls) or downstream (Shipment Notice and Dematerialized Invoices) flows between the Poclain ERPS and the platform hosted at TX2 Concept.


The great diversity of the supplier panel does not allow the implementation of a point-to-point EDI solution with all the partners.

However, TX2 Concept was able to provide a simple and easy-to-use WebEDI solution so that all suppliers are able to meet the requirements of Poclain's logistics department.

To date, 100% of shipments of forecast needs and orders are dematerialized and the deployment of the integration of shipping notices into ERPs has been underway since 2020.


For each new deployment of EDI flows with our customers, we entrust TX2 Concept with the analysis of the specifications and their complexity resulting from the diversity of standards and the specificities of each customer and each country.

No need to have an EDI expert, TX2 is responsible for the development of the necessary mappings and their technical implementation in order to guarantee Poclain the receipt of a single format of messages understandable "natively" by the ERPs.


For Poclain, EDI support is thus always available, technological watch ensured at a controlled cost.


Thank you to the TX2 Concept teams!”


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