For many years, the optics community has been implementing standards and ambitious EDI programmes via the EDI-Optique association.

Contact lens, frame and optical lens makers, for example, are able to circulate their catalogues to opticians and/or distributors and issue delivery notes and invoices. Opticians use their store management software to download the catalogues of their choice, place orders or send out sales information (Sell-Out) or receive all kinds of e-documents from their suppliers, including e-invoices.

TX2 Concept, a member of EDI Optique and also supplier to the EYES-ROAD technical platform, offers a set of solutions geared to the specific requirements of the optics industry, relying on the specialist optics expertise of our consultants.

Available solutions

The benefits for you

✔ Powerful, modular generic tools (EDI translator, tax-compliant e-invoicing platform, etc.)
✔ EDI consultants with expert knowledge of the optics sector
✔ Applications (such as billing opticians) developed in accordance with EDI-Optique specifications
✔ Close strategic and technological relations with Eyes-Road, the EDI platform for the optics world

If you would like to use EDI processes from your own premises, we offer the TX2 EDI On Site solution:

TX2 EDI On Site is a set of modular solutions (translator, communications software, etc.)  developed and maintained by TX2 CONCEPT, that enables you to exchange e-documents directly from your applications (ERP) with your various partners.