Are you a retail and distribution supplier ?

(Mass-market retailing, specialized distribution, e-commerce platforms):

➤ Implementing EDI is a prerequisite for listing as a supplier and for developing your business with retailers and distributors.

Distribution and EDI

The retail and distribution sector has long been a major user of EDI.

EDI is at the core of its business, dematerializing and automating all its transactions with suppliers, from ordering to billing.

All the EDI norms and standards for this sector are determined by GS1 France, in conjunction with the leading retailers and distributors.

GS1 France also acts as the certifying body for certain distribution-related EDI services.

TX2 CONCEPT, a longstanding partner of GS1 France, offers a comprehensive range of EDI solutions dedicated to the retail and distribution sector, designed to meet all your operational constraints.

Your retail and distribution EDI needs

  • You need to automate your commercial, logistics and billing flows with your distributors in order to :
    • Receive and confirm orders
    • Send out despatch advices
    • Communicate with transport and logistics providers
    • Circulate goods movements and stocks status
    • Issue tax-compliant e-invoices
  • You want to dematerialize all your incoming and outgoing invoice flows.
  • You need to dematerialize your product data sheets.


The benefits for you

✔ Respond positively to requests to implement EDI from all your distributors
✔ Automate your sales, logistics and billing flows with all your partners, directly integrated with with your ERP/sales management software
✔ Secure your listing, boost your business and your growth
✔ Dematerialize all your invoices in full compliance with your fiscal and legal obligations
✔ Secure and speed up payments
✔ Send out all your product information from producer to consumer