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Change of invoice dematerialization service provider following the stopping of the B-Process platform!

If you use the services of the Bill Manager platform of the EDI B-Process publisher for the dematerialization of invoices, you must be aware that its final end is scheduled for the end of this year 2017.

Also, the question will arise of finding a new service provider to ensure the continuity of the sending of your dematerialized invoices to your business partners, whatever your sector of activity.

How to choose a new invoice dematerialization provider?

This seems meaningless, but remember to consult several providers of invoices dematerialization and to measure each taking and ending of their respective offer. Beware, among other things, of false promises of free implementation, which often result in hidden costs on other workstations.

It is not necessarily easy to choose a new partner, especially if your relationship with your current provider was satisfactory. So, rely on what you value and want to keep in your new relationship. There’s no denying that your new partner cares about the productivity and performance of your invoicing process as much as you do.

In any case, your future service provider must provide you with a reliable, but also available, team able to diagnose any problem and resolve it quickly in the event of a technical incident, to guarantee the reliability of your invoicing.

What can TX2 CONCEPT offer you?

To ensure the continuity in the sending of your dematerialized invoices to your business partners, the TX2 CONCEPT team has anticipated and industrialized the migration of B-Process accounts to its platform. It has thus developed a technically proven and secure offer at controlled costs.

For more details, see our service offer on dematerialization of invoices on our website or contact us directly at or via our contact form.

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