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Chorus Portal for companies: Only 3 months before the January 1st deadline!

As of January 1, 2018, all medium-sized companies will be required to electronically transmit their invoices to government services via the Chorus Portal. This deadline is set by Ordinance No. 2014-697 of June 26, 2014.

Yet, six months before the deadline, only 11% of the companies concerned had passed the milestone … It is therefore urgent for the others to switch to electronic invoicing to Chorus Invoices to ensure that they comply with legal obligations in time and in hour.

Chorus Portal for medium-sized companies: Who is specifically concerned?

The laws consider as medium-sized companies, companies with between 250 and 5,000 employees and with a turnover of between 1.5 and 2 million euros.

How to switch to electronic invoicing to the Chorus Portal when you are a medium-sized company?

You must choose a transfer method, depending on the annual volume of invoices sent by your company. As mid-sized companies are known to generally send a large number of invoices per year, it is best to opt for an EDI solution that already has connectivity with the Chorus Portal.

Why? Quite simply, given the number of invoices issued each year, processing by entering or uploading to the Chorus Portal would quickly become time-consuming and a source of errors. And your employees undoubtedly have better added value in other assignments than daily online entry.

What solutions?

By relying on an EDI service provider, which just like TX2 CONCEPT, is already ready to transmit your invoices, through the dematerialization of invoices, in the format and via the mode of communication expected by the Chorus Portal, you will be able to automate the creation, sending, declaration and electronic archiving of your documents.

The advantage? Choose a service provider that allows you to link its EDI solution to your ERP (internal management system for managing your invoices, etc.) so as not to disrupt your internal processes, whether they are IT or human.

How does it work in practice? As soon as an invoice is generated on your internal software (ERP), the EDI solution transforms the document into the legal format expected by the Chorus Portal and transmits it securely.

To go further? To learn more about the Chorus Invoices Portal, don’t hesitate to consult our articles on the subject:

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