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In the Retail & Distribution sector, EDI has for several years now become a major axis for the exchange of business, logistics and product flows. Indeed, EDI improves the efficiency of exchanges between suppliers and distributors and makes organizations more flexible.

All of the EDI norms and standards specific to this business sector are defined by GS1 France, a certification organization, in collaboration with major players in Retail & Distribution such as Carrefour, Auchan and many others.

History of EDI in Retail & Distribution

The retail sector has been using EDI since the 1990s. This system is becoming more and more widespread, both in France and internationally. A study by GS1 of the UK retail industry found that 87% of businesses used EDI-based purchase orders and 84% used EDI-based invoices, which allowed them to saved 775 million euros (650 million pounds sterling) each year.

As stated previously, the implementation of EDI in the retail sector aims to facilitate exchanges with its suppliers. Within the Supply Chain, availability, speed and efficiency are priorities, and retailers have understood the interest of EDI to meet their expectations.

The objectives of EDI within the retail sector are numerous. Indeed, the EDI allows to:

  • Improve the efficiency of the supply chain and achieve better customer satisfaction through the exchange of up-to-date and complete information.
  • Reduce the costs of information management in goods processes.
  • Speed up intra and inter-company communication flows.
  • Reduce human errors.

The common goal between players in the Retail & Distribution sector and suppliers is to provide end customers with: the right product, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

You have questions about Retail & Distribution EDI?

You are suppliers of the Retail & Distribution sector and:

  • You need to automate your commercial, logistics and billing flows with your distributors in order to:
    • Receive and confirm orders
    • Send out despatch advices
    • Communicate with transport and logistics providers
    • Circulate goods movements and stocks status
    • Issue tax-compliant e-invoices
  • You want to dematerialize all your incoming and outgoing invoice flows.
  • You need to dematerialize your product data sheets.

Different messages can be set up such as: ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVRPT, PRODAT, INVOIC… in sometimes different standards (EDIFACT D96a, EDIFACT D93a, EDIFACT D10a…).

Is all of this still a bit of a blur to you? Don’t worry, we explain to you how we can help you take the leap or better work with Retail & Distribution players thanks to EDI in the following paragraph.

TX2 CONCEPT and EDI in Retail & Distribution: A story that lasts

TX2 CONCEPT, expert in EDI for more than 25 years thanks to a team of expert consultants in the Retail & Distribution sector, offers a complete range of EDI solutions adapted to this sector:

  • WEB EDI retail solution, certified GS1 France “Excellence Logistique” for suppliers of small and medium-sized structures or for those wishing to temporarily increase their EDI capacities.
  • EDI solution integrated into your ERP/sales management software in hosted or licensed mode.
  • E-INVOICING platform, GS1 France certified.
  • E-CATALOGUE solution for the dematerialization of product data sheets, GS1 France certified.
  • WEB SERVICES integrated into your ERP/sales management software.

Thus, our “business” experts put themselves at the service of our customers on the one hand, in the implementation of their EDI solutions, and on the other hand, in support service. A dedicated team is also available through various communication channels to answer all questions / requests from our various customers.

TX2 CONCEPT’s sales and technical teams make themselves available for any additional information on all of our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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