In addition to generic EDI and dematerialization solutions, we have developed technical solutions specific to the businesses in which we operate.


The OFTP protocol has been developed by the standardization agencies for the specific communication needs of stakeholders in the automotive sector. Version 2 of the protocol has permitted to implement secure exchanges over the Internet (encryption, certificates).

The OFTP server software, TX2 OFTP:

  • TX2 OFTP is an edi client / server that allows easy and secure data exchange via Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) in versions 2.0, 1.4, 1.3 and previous.
  • TX2 OFTP works in TCP / IP but also in ISDN via CAPI2.
  • TX2 OFTP allows you to automate your transfers thanks to its operation in server mode. You can also intuitively monitor the tracking of all your data exchanges.
  • TX2 OFTP is multi sessions. This allows you to send files to multiple recipients at the same time while receiving streams from multiple transmitters at the same time.
  • The TX2 OFTP solution was officially certified in October 2010 by the ODETTE organization after passing all the required interoperability tests: TX2 CONCEPT is one of the first French software publishers to provide a certified OFTP2 solution.


We offer a set of software for the implementation of communications in synchronous flows, and this for all manufacturers.

For example:

TX2PSFV (Renault)

TX2 Coral and SyncIP (PSA)

TX2 Synchronous (Ford, Fiat ...)

GMAF: Complete application for management of encycling with inventory management.

We equip tens of factories around the world, especially all Faurecia Group factories.

As synchronous flows are mostly associated with very short cycle H24 deliveries, we offer a H24 7/7 on-call service that allows factory correspondents immediate access to technical support.

EDTI - exchange of plans and technical data

TX2 CONCEPT, through its EDTI solution, allows engineers and technicians from design departments to exchange their files with their partners. This solution meets the standards and recommendations (Galia V.3, OFTP) of French and European manufacturers.

Based on a web architecture, our solution allows you to automate the transmission of your CAD drawings (by tracking shipments and receptions in real time), to secure the exchange of CAD drawings, as well as to keep a traceability and secure archiving of all your EDTI flows. The user interface is intuitive and available in several languages ​​(French & English).


"Asynchronous" EDI can be supplemented - or even replaced - by "real-time" exchange processes, particularly through the use of WebServices.

In this context, we intervene on 2 axes:

  1. The implementation of webservices on our platform, to which your partners will be able to connect (for example Webservice for OSCARO, orders of spare parts).
  2. Setting up clients to connect to the webservices of your partners (for example sending invoices to the administration of certain countries).