EDI is a field that is entirely standards-driven, and often subject to certification.

TX2 CONCEPT is an EDI solutions publisher and integrator and, as such, we are required to keep abreast of all the new norms and standards coming in, and of forthcoming changes and certifications likely to impact the solutions we deliver.

In order to be able to meet your current and future business needs, TX2 CONCEPT is positioned at the heart of its ecosystem and maintains close relations with the institutional agencies in the field of EDI:

GS1 France

GS1 France steers the co-design of standards and solutions to meet the business challenges of firms in all the major sectors of the economy, centred on omnichannel commerce, digitization of the product offering and supply chain interconnection.

Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons Informatiques dans le secteur Automobile

Through its EDI standardization work, GALIA plays a part in the pursuit of competitiveness and profitability for the entire French automotive industry, for the benefit of the end customer.

Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe

ODETTE brings together automotive sector players and tech experts to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of Europe's automotive industry by setting standards, developing best practices and providing services for logistics management, e-business communications and EDI worldwide.

GTF – Group of Terrestrial Freight Forwarders

GTF, comprising professionals from leading transport, logistics and IT firms, works on developing standards under the INOVERT ® (INternational OVERland Transport) trademark to help professionals deploy innovative, high-performance solutions.

The EDI-Optique association

The EDI-Optique association is made up of key players in the world of optics and works on setting national and international standards to facilitate electronic data interchange between optics sector firms and promote the use of EDI.