You supply automotive equipment manufacturers and auto manufacturers


Implementing EDI is a prerequisite for listing as a supplier and for developing your business with the major automotive contractors.


The automotive industry and EDI :

The automotive industry has led the way in the implementation of and reliance on EDI flows between contractors and their suppliers (Tiers 1, 2 and 3).

Its adoption of EDI was intended to optimize the production process and integration across the entire supply chain.  EDI is now going from strength to strength as part of the process of just-in-time (JIT)  manufacturing.

The automotive industry has its own specific EDI norms and standards, defined in joint consultation with the key automotive industry players by a number of sector bodies:

  • GALIA (Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons Informatiques dans le secteur Automobile)
  • ODETTE (Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe)
  • VDA (Verband Der Automobilindustrie) in Germany
  • ASC (Accredited Standards Committee) with the ANSI X12 standard in North America

TX2 Concept, a longstanding member of EDI standards bodies for the sector, offers a comprehensive range of EDI solutions dedicated to the automotive industry, designed to meet all your operational constraints.


Your automotive EDI needs :

  • You need to automate your sales, logistics and billing flows with your automotive equipment and auto manufacturer customers:


  • Receive provisional and firm order programmes
  • Send out despatch advices
  • Communicate with transport and logistics providers or subcontractors
  • Circulate goods movements and stocks status
  • Issue tax-compliant e-invoices


  • You want to standardize and automate all your interchanges and commercial, logistics and billing flows with your own suppliers.


  • You want to dematerialize all your incoming and outgoing invoice flows.


Our EDI solutions for the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY :

The benefits for you :

✔ Respond positively to requests to implement EDI with all your contractors
✔ Automate your sales, logistics and billing flows with all your partners, directly integrated with your ERP/CAPM
✔ Secure and boost your business and your growth
✔ Manage just-in-time production and minimize inventory
✔ Dematerialize all your invoices in full compliance with your fiscal and legal obligations
✔ Secure and speed up payments